New Vendors

Barclay vs. The Competition -
There Are Significant Differences
  • Superior client service
  • Credit reports are read to make the right credit decision; web-based approval systems can't do that
  • Turnaround time for grading is within two hours
  • Co-signers are accepted that are not directly related to the business
  • Funding by ACH or Check
  • Split funding to your provider for equipment costs
  • Rental programs that provide you with revenue from inception
  • You will never leave messages during our business hours on voicemail
  We Look at Leasing as a Partnership
  • Incentive awards for your sales team based on joint goals
  • We do not sell our loan portfolio; we will always be there to service your clients for the entire lease term.
  • Custom designed vendor programs to meet the needs of your client base
Make the Move to Barclay Square Leasing

We are please to provide you with detailed information about our Vendor Program.  Call us at 866-396-2754 or email us by clicking here
Download our Vendor Agreement