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General Information

All lessees or merchants are sent a welcome letter with a copy of their executed lease within one week of the actual funding. The letter stipulates the lease terms that you agreed to, and the actual date of your monthly ACH payment.
Please call us with any questions that you may have at 866-396-2754, or email us at For email communication, please include your name, lease number, name of business and specific question. We will get back to you during our normal business hours Monday- Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can my lease be cancelled?
  2. Can my lease be assigned?
  3. Can I pay off my lease early?
  4. Is there a penalty for paying off my lease early?
  5. How do I make my monthly payments?
  6. When are my payments deducted?
  7. Why am I being charged sales tax?
  8. What is the insurance non-compliance fee?
  9. Do I need to contact you if I change my personal information?
  10. How do I get extra supplies for my equipment?
  11. What do I do with my equipment at the end of the lease term?
1. Can my lease be cancelled?

No, you have signed a non-cancelable equipment lease agreement for the term specified on your lease agreement. You are responsible for all payments until the end of the lease term.